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my approach

Thank you for visiting my website. Let me tell about myself and how I work, so you can see if I might be the right therapist for your needs.

I am passionate about helping clients get to the heart of the matter and heal their distress. From clients who hit the ground running, to those who are skeptical that counselling could work for them, I love the moment when they first tell me "I'm not sure how, but I'm starting to feel better."

I am a Humanistic counsellor who uses acceptance and empathy to create a relationship of trust with my clients. My clients find me calming, unflappable, nonjudgemental, but also challenging. I want you to make the most of your time with me. I won't tell you who you are or how to get better - instead I will empower you as the expert on that. We will untangle your difficulties and examine them together, working out what you can leave behind and how.

I will help you to explore in depth and focus on emotion, in order to accelerate your progress, and I offer creative approaches for those who work comfortably in that way. I will also help you to develop a self-care plan and coping strategies to work on from home.

My Silsden location provides easy access from Cross Hills, Steeton, Bradley, Cononley, Sutton-in-Craven and Addingham.