Counselling/psychotherapy sessions are priced at:

  • £40 (up to 4pm on weekdays)

  • £45 (5pm onwards and weekends)

  • £5 discount per session when a block of six are paid for in advance*

Assessment sessions are at the same fee, payable in advance.

A quick chat by phone before we get started, to explore whether or not I am a good fit for your needs, is free.

*All 6 sessions to be scheduled at time of booking and attended within an 8 week period. Date/time changes require 6+ days notice and I will offer alternative dates/times where available. The first 5 sessions are at full price and the 6th is at a discount of £30, so if you decide later to end at session 4, you would give 6+ days notice and receive a refund of £40-45 for session 5 and £10-£15 for session 6.

This package won’t be flexible enough to suit everyone, but I’m offering it for those who are able to plan their weeks. The discount is because it will make diary planning and room booking simpler for me. Any questions, please ask.

Payment methods

The assessment session is payable in advance by bank transfer, where possible.

Sessions can be paid for in cash or by bank transfer. A refundable deposit of £15 is requested when counselling begins.


Weekly sessions are ideal, at least to begin with, as they allow us to build rapport and for you to maintain momentum in your progress. There is no obligation to attend weekly of course. The contract asks that you give 6+ days notice to cancel any booked sessions without a charge. The £15 deposit will be deducted for cancellations of less than 6 days (and a new deposit requested to secure future sessions) and the full fee will be requested for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.