Privacy Statement

Personal Details & Notes

The client’s personal details are held until the counselling relationship ends. The details will then be shredded and/or deleted. Session notes are kept for 5 years, unless the client completes an official Request for Notes form or signs the consent form for notes to be shredded. These notes do not reference the client’s name.



As discussed in the initial session, everything said in the counselling room stays within the room, unless the client is at risk of harming themselves or other individuals, or the client indicates that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm. If the counsellor has concerns after discussing this risk of harm with the client, the information will be shared with the appropriate professional, in order to seek support for the person at risk.

Rachel discusses all client work with a clinical supervisor to ensure the safety of clients. This is part of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework.