outdoor therapy


outdoor or walk & talk therapy

Let’s take therapy out of a room with two chairs and into nature. I’m currently planning routes and doing risk assessments in Park Wood, Keighley, S. Ives, Bingley and around Silsden.

Assessments and session 1 will still take place in one of my offices, so that we can plan for hopes, expectations and safety first.

As well as the obvious benefits of exercise, vitamin D and fresh air on our mental health, outdoor therapy offers us the chance to reflect on how the changing seasons affect us mentally, how movement affects our breath and areas of tension, and to mindfully experience our senses. Outdoor therapy can be as similar to regular counselling as the client would like. It could be as simple as talking whilst walking, or we could include pausing to reflect mindfully, creating art with natural materials and integrating movement.

Taking therapy outdoors can be also free-up clients who work better with less eye contact or prefer to be in open spaces.

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St. Ives, Bingley

St. Ives, Bingley

Park Wood, Keighley

Park Wood, Keighley